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Oct 19



Chemical Grouting is the oldest and still the best method for obstructing grout water infiltration into structurally sound sewer system. Chemical grouting continues to stand out in today’s market for it’s versatility and years of proven success. Chemical Grout is easily injected through leaking joints, faults, cracks, breaks and lateral connections in the sanitary sewer main. The most common groundwater points of entrance are at manholes, joints and service connections. Tri State Grouting uses the 12 step Infiltration control program to stopping infiltration:

  • Step 1. Identify collection system basins with most infiltration
  • Step 2. Clean the sewer lines in these basins per NASSCO Standards
  • Step 3. TV inspect and evaluate the infiltration sources per PACP
  • Step 4. Identify the worst basin segments and work up stream
  • Step 5. Formulate grouting specification to meet your needs
  • Step 6. Use national guidelines within specifications
  • Step 7. Give contractors price incentives to grout to refusal
  • Step 8. Qualify bidders based on operators experience
  • Step 9. Have inspectors learn the grouting process
  • Step 10. Require equipment demonstration tests per ASTM
  • Step 11. Do the jobStep
  • 12. Retest under contract warranty clause


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