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Engineering SupportĀ Services

Infiltration/Inflow Analysis

Tri-State Grouting practices using Infiltration/Inflow Analysis equipment in order to determine the amount of waste water or sewage traveling through a sewer system.

Manhole Inspections

Tri-State Grouting has the ability to inspect Manholes to NASCO standards and can provide a full database to the engineer.

Manhole Rehabilitation

Sealing, Re-Lining, Replacement

Locating Sewers & Buried Structures

Smoke Testing is one of many methods used in order to locate leaks, manholes or lost pipes underground.

GPS Locates

Tri-State Grouting has the ability to give precise locations.

Contractor Support Services

Lateral Reinstatements

Similar to relining of a sewer main, lateral relining uses the same principles.

Sewer Relining

Sewer Relining is the process of lining the interior of a sewer using a cured in place (CIPP) point repair.

Sliplining With HDPE

Slip lining although an older method sometimes pops up now and again. It involves a small carrier pipe to be placed into the host pipe in order to structurally repair a damaged area.

Flowable Fill

Flowable Fill Grouting of abandoned sewer, sinkholes & annular spaces between the carrier pipe and casing.

LETS Camera Televising

The LETS camera is a specialty technology used to televise from the main into the lateral. This is used typically when televising from a clean-out is not possible.

Lateral Protrusion Cutting

lateral protrusions occur periodically throughout sewer systems and can cause leaks around the seal of the main as well as prevent flow of storm water or sewage.

Root Cutting & Control

Root Cutting often becomes important in sewer systems located near trees or in the woods. Once the root cutter has gone through the sewer line root inhibitor is typically used to keep roots from growing back for a set period of time.

Bypass Pumping

Tri-State Grouting has the equipment and tools needed to bypass pump any sewer system.

Clean & Televise

Jetting, Root Cutting,


Sewer Grouting, Manhole Grouting,

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